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Dolce Vita Ovar again on the market
20 November 2019 | Ana Tavares

White Sand Capital, linked to Swazi billionaire Nathan Kirsh, gave up on the purchase of the Dolce Vita Ovar, for which it had offered 7.8 million euro.


The asset is back on the market for the same amount. When the bid submission deadline finished, on the 20th of September, only White Sand had submitted a bid to purchase the asset, around 500 thousand euro below the set price of 8.3 million euro.

According to Negócios, the reasons for dropping the deal are not known, but a source linked to the process contacted by the newspaper says that the group «probably due to the fact that it wasn’t able to buy the other two Dolce Vita shopping centres, for which it had submitted bids, decided to give up on the Dolce Vita Ovar», quotes Idealista.

It should be recalled that the Dolce Vita Miraflores and the Central Park, in Oeiras were both placed on sale, with the former having been bought by fund Garrison Capital Management & Properties for 6.8 million euro and Central Park having been purchased by Fundimo, from CGD, for 2.6 million euro.