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DV Miraflores and Central Park already have a buyer
01 October 2019 | Ana Tavares

Shopping centres Dolce Vita Miraflores and Central Park, in Oeiras (Portugal), were bought by European fund Garrison Capital Management & Properties and by Fundimo, from CGD, respectively.


These two Dolce Vita shopping centres join Dolce Vita de Ovar to make up the latest bankrupt Dolce Vita shopping centres. In total, all three should be sold for 17.3 million euro.

According to official sources from the legal manager’s office and Clearwater, who advised the operation, quoted by Negócios and Idealista, Dolce Vita Miraflores was purchased for 6.8 million euro and Central Park for 2.68 million euro.

Dolce Vita Ovar received a single buying offer for 7.8 million euro from White Sand Capital, connected to billionaire Nathan Kirsh’s group. In this case, Sportsforum’s creditor’s committee, owner of the asset, will have to declare its position on the operation, because the offer is below the stipulated base value.

The bankruptcy of the three shopping centres was demanded by Spanish bank Abanca at the beginning of 2018. Abanca is the main mortgage creditor with 50 million euro in claims.