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Catella wants to invest €400M within the next 2 years
25 June 2019 | Ana Tavares

Catella plans to invest 200 million euro in rental projects in Spain within the next 2 years. A further 200 million euro are to be invested in alternative segments.



The Spanish subsidiary of fund management company Catella Asset Management Iberia is analysing new opportunities in secondary cities such as Zaragoza, Valencia and Bilbao, in particular within «a stronger economy which is more resistant to cycle changes», explains Eduardo Guardiola, the company’s CEO, to EjePrime.

The company’s goals also include investments in public and subsidized housing, as part of its middle and low income tenants’ asset acquisition policy. Currently, Catella already has 1.000 leased houses in Barcelona, Pamplona and Madrid, and it intends to double that number in the near future.

A further 200 million euro should be invested in other alternatives, such as senior residences, given the lack of this type of assets in Spain.