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Catalonia should finish the year with €2.000M invested
21 November 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Catalonia has been consolidating its dynamism in Spain. By the end of the year, the region should reach a total 2.000 million euro in investment, with the office and logistic segments reaching never before seen numbers.


This is the prediction from the real estate consultants members of the Asociación de Consultoras Imobiliárias (Association of Real Estate Consultants) - ACI, which also revealed that the office segment should reach a 1.300 million euro investment volume and logistics should reach 500 million euro.

Several large companies have settled in this region, such as Criteo, Oracle and Facebook, which shows «the investors’ trust in the Catalan market», revealed ACI in a release. Concerning the logistic segment, the association predicts that it should «be amongst the more active segments in the country in the mid-term» in Catalonia.

In terms of the housing market, the trend is to invest on rental dwellings, despite the segment’s stabilization. Concerning retail, the consultants expect Barcelona to maintain its position as one of the top 30 most attractive cities to invest in globally.

For the consultants, legal security is currently a «key element» for investors, «which makes it essential to provide a stable legal framework which allows for the safe and efficient development of projects».