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Caledonian builds an office for €20M
04 June 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

The Caledonian HQ should be built in Madrid. This is the first office building designed by Spanish developer Caledonian which, until now, was solely dedicated to the luxury housing market.



Caledonian should invest 20 million euro in this 3.000 sqm building, advances Spanish newspaper El Economista this Monday. There is also an additional 5.000 sqm outside area, which includes a natural swimming pool, a parking lot and a terrace.

According to the same newspaper, the building should have several features which will improve its energy performance. The integration of an acclimatization system and a photovoltaic solar system are two examples.

«Our goal is for it to be one of the first office buildings in Madrid with a zero environmental footprint», reveals Caledonian’s CEO to the same newspaper.


Photo: Caledonian