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British Amro wants to invest €500M in student residences in Iberia
24 June 2019 | Ana Tavares

British Amro Real Estate Partners is planning a 500 million euro investment to reach 5.000 beds in Portugal and Spain.


In Portugal, the company is alert to opportunities but it still hasn’t closed any operation. In Spain, Amro just announced its third student residence with 6.000 sqm and 229 beds. Construction works will start during next year’s first semester.

Raj Kotecha, the company’s CEO, states: «we have a solid set of opportunities in the Iberian Peninsula and we are actively looking for new assets to invest in», quotes EjePrime.

The Malaga student residence joins two other buildings, one in Granada University’s campus with 354 beds and the other with 341 beds in Seville. Until 2022, the company intends to have between 10 and 15 student residences in the Iberia.