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Blackstone prepares sale of several portfolios in Spain
28 March 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Blackstone is preparing the sale of several portfolios in Spain, with well-defined dimensions and sectors. The American fund’s goal is to adjust the portfolios’ characteristics to the needs of the potential buyers so as to maximize sales.



The portfolios’ prices vary according to their dimension, mentions El Confidencial. The smaller ones may be worth between 50 and 300 million euro. The larger ones may sell for as high as 600 million euro.

Taking into account these portfolios’ assessments, Blackstone will market them to companies which have more financial means to invest, such as insurance companies and pension funds. But it won’t lose sight of any investor who might be interested in the portfolios.

The American giant expects to sell these portfolios before the end of the Summer. And it also expects to gain several billion dollars with this divestment strategy.

Many of these assets were acquired by Blackstone during the crisis in Spain, when the American fund invested almost 20.000 million euro in the country’s real estate market.