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Avantespacia acquires 2 more terrains in Spain
18 February 2020 | Vanessa Sousa

Avantespacia acquired two more terrains in Spain. The amount paid for the assets was not disclosed, but it is known that one is located in Malaga and the other in Granollers (Barcelona) and that new dwellings will be developed on both terrains.


42 units will be developed within the Catalonian terrain. Real estate developer Inveravante should build more dwellings in a 3.551 sqm area, according to Eje Prime.

This operation – which was advised by consultant Savills Aguirre Newman – occurs after the purchase of a terrain in Pamplona, where the company intends to build 72 dwellings.

In total, Avantespacia has more than 2.500 dwellings in its portfolio.