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Atom increases capital in €79.72M
19 November 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

REIT Atom Hotels’ capital increase process is concluded for a total 79.72 million euro. This amount will be used to finance the purchase of two hotels located in the Canaries: the Isla Bonita and the Riviera Marina.


In this process, «all new shares issued were subscribed», revealed the company in a release sent to Mercado Alternativo Bursátil. This means that a total 7 million 451 shares at 10.7 euro per share, were subscribed.

Hotel Isla Bonita represents a 52.6 million euro investment and the other hotel, the Riviera Maria, should cost the company 15.9 million euro. The 16th of December is the deadline for Atom to pay the missing payments concerning the hotels’ acquisitions – around 90% of the whole amount.