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Árima plans to invest €1.400M in new assets
17 May 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

REIT Árima’s investment plan is under way. A set of assets estimated at 1.400 million euro is on its sight.



«The managing team has a significant amount of assets under analysis and several are being negotiated», mentions the company to Spanish newspaper Expansión.

The set of assets, estimated at 600 million euro, is already at an advanced stage of evaluation. Another set of assets representing 800 million euro in terms of investment is still at an early stage of analysis. Most of these assets are offices (82%) and about 18% are logistic assets, according to the Spanish newspaper.

The company contracted a 30 million euro loan with CaixaBank in order to advance quickly with the purchase of some of these assets, which are now under analysis.

This is not the company’s only plan for the next few years. Another strategy consists in adding value to its current portfolio, which is estimated at 130 million euro. According to the same newspaper, the REIT which started being listed at the Madrid Stock Exchange in October should invest around 16.4 million euro to refurbish some of these assets in 2020.