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Ares launches new €700M residential REIT
30 January 2020 | Ana Tavares

American management company Ares Management wants to launch Avalon Properties at MAB until the end of the year, with a housing portfolio estimated at 700 million euro.


According to Spanish Real Estate, the company currently has 1.100 dwellings under management in Madrid, besides others under development. It already has experience operating rental housing assets, with 200.000 units under management all over the world.

A 103 dwelling development in Torrejón de Ardoz, in partnership with Aedas Homes, part of a 500 unit project, is one of Ares’ best known projects in Spain.

Recently, the company also carried out the largest "build to rend" operation in Spain together with Amenbar, for a total of more than 400 dwellings to be built in Valdebebas, representing a 110 million euro investment.