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Angomed created real estate company focused on senior residences
29 May 2019 | Observatorio Inmobiliario

Inmomed is the name of the new real estate company dedicated to manage, acquire and sell senior residences and it was created by Spanish consultant specialised in the sector Angomed.



Inmomed enters the market with more than 20 assets under its management throughout the whole of Spain. Besides senior residences, it also has plots and terrains to build these residences.

«Investments in senior residences are among the most attractive for both foreign and domestic investors in our country. The senior segment is currently offering profitability of up to 6% in Europe. Very few investments offer these numbers, which makes it a very attractive opportunity for those who want to move capital», explains Juan de Dios Punzano, Angomed’s CEO.

More than 3.000 new beds were created in the last 3 years, nevertheless, there is still a gap between offer and demand. According to data from Angomed, there are still 90.000 beds needed to meet the demand.