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Almagro incorporates 11 more dwellings into its portfolio
08 January 2020 | Vanessa Sousa

REIT Almagro Capital incorporated, between the 27th and the 30th of December, 11 dwellings into its portfolio for which it paid around 2.4 million euro.


Three units are located at Calle General Oraá, on the Castellana quarter in Madrid, with a total combined area of 144 sqm, having cost 525.000€, mentioned the REIT in a release made available at the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil. The name of the assets’ seller was not disclosed in the same document.

One other transaction involved 8 other dwellings also located in the Spanish capital. Three of them are located in the Arapiles quarter, two are located at the Palos de Moguer quarter, two more at the Trafalgar quarter and the last one at the Lavapiés quarter. These units have a total combined area of 878 sqm, and represent a 1.88 million euro investment. Daily newspaper Eje Prime reported that Sareb was the seller of this portfolio.

These dwellings are currently leased and Almagro will renew the respective leasing contracts.