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Alantra CPA acquires urbanData Analytics
30 May 2019 | Observatorio Inmobiliario

Alantra CPA, Alantra’s division for advising on the company’s credit and real estate portfolios, has concluded the acquisition of a majority share of urbanData Analytics (uDA).



Established five years ago, uDA is a digital company that offers Big Data and artificial intelligence technological services for the real estate sector. The company gathers information on the market through more than 40 public and private sources, with which it develops 190 financial and urban indicators, generating real estate investment maximization algorithms.

Amongst the recognitions received by uDA are the award for the most innovative company in real estate in Spain by ACI 2016, to have been on the top 10 of the most innovative startups at MIPIM 2017 and in the top 50 of the best European Proptech companies at EXPO REAL 2019.

The company operates in the South of Europe and South America and has as clients the sector’s main investors, managers and advisors.