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Aena will invest more than €4 billion to build two real estate megaprojects
08 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Spanish airline company Aena should invest around 4.261 million euro in the construction of two real estate complexes. One next to the Barajas airport in Madrid and the other near the El Prat Aiport in Barcelona.



In the Madrid project, the company plans to invest a total of 2.997 million euro to develop a logistic operations centre, a shopping centre (with a 341.000 sqm buildable area), hotels and offices. In the Barcelona project, Aena should invest approximately 1.264 million euro in the construction of the logistic park, an e-commerce dedicated warehouse, an industrial space and office buildings.

In this megaproject, which is its first real estate project, the airline won’t be investing alone. According to newspaper Expansión, Aena is studying the possibility of creating partnerships with investors who are willing to support the project financially. And it is also willing to offer a majority share of the project to whomever decides to do it.

Among the project’s potential investors, Aena highlights those who may be more interested, considering their relevance in the logistic sector. These investors include Blackstone, Segro, Merlin Properties and Prologis.

In order to develop these projects, the company will auction a 200.000 sqm terrain in Madrid and another 300.000 sqm asset in Barcelona. In the same bidding contest, which is set for December, the company also plans to auction a hotel in Barcelona.